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July 15, 2024

Professional Courses

Ind4.0 VLE will be an OER online platform compatible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Version 2.0, Level AA. The Ind4.0 VLE will consist of the following 3 different sections: 1. 1. Academic Space: designed for the academic staff of Asian HEIs. It will offer an open online course, based on the content of D2.2 Handbook on curricula development & ECTS/ESG and D2.7 Teacher's guide, for the training of the academic staff of Asian HEIs by their European counterparts.

Professionals/VET courses (MOOCs) will be designed for representatives of the regional industry (and in particular of the Manufacturing, Agriculture/Aquaculture and Health sectors) as well as anyone wish to learn how to address the new challenges posed by the ever-increasing globalization in production, manufacturing and service provision. 3 MOOCs will be created, tailor made to the training needs of the regional industry and the special characteristics of each consortium country: one for Malaysia, one for Cambodia, and one for Indonesia.